Cocoa Rescue – Cruelty Case

URGENT: Helping Cocoa - He arrived at our Rescue 10/7/21 - Cruelty Case.

One of our staff members spotted this starved, emaciated & neglected horse and quickly alerted our director. As you can see, he has received no care and his hooves are severely overgrown as well. His name is Cocoa, but we plan to name him Lucky, in the hopes that his luck has changed by coming to the Ranch. He is 8 years old and is in need of major dental work (his teeth are so over grown with abscesses) and he will need a lot of care in the way of farrier work, dental work & quality feed. It will take at least $8000 to help him recover and be rehabilitated. We are putting him on a very regimented feeding schedule to help him recover, small portions of feed every four hours. Our veterinarian is continuing assessment and we hope we can get this sweet boy rehabilitated with time, care & love.

"We see so many horrific situations for horses in need. These horses are at the mercy of the humans that are suppose to provide humane care to their horses. Cocoa was located on a traveled road, and we are wondering why no one contacted us or the authorities about this cruelty case. Luckily one of our staff members happened to be taking this particular road yesterday, saw Cocoa and immediately let me know. We were then able to secure his surrender from the owner & get him to our Rescue to see what we can do to give him a second chance," commented Kathy Hamm, Director of End of the Trail Rescue. "We are here to help owners provide feed & care to their horses if they are unable to take care of them. We just need owners to reach out to us for help so we can prevent the suffering of so many horses. Cocoa is now safe with us and will get the best of care to help him recover and have a happy horse life. If anyone can help us with funding for his rehabilitation we would be so grateful."

We could sure use your help with this sweet horse, if you are able, please make a donation today! When you follow the link to donate, please apply your gift to 'Cocoa Needs Our Help' and your donation will go into his account. Thank you!!


UPDATE on COCOA - 10/9/21

Cocoa is a fighter! He is holding his own and his strong spirit is what has kept him alive. His blood work came back surprisingly good, considering the very poor shape his is in.

"Health wise he hasn’t been destroyed inside with the severe starvation, but with any starvation case it can be touch and go," commented Director Kathy Hamm. "All we can do now is to slowly feed Cocoa until he is strong enough to get his teeth and feet done. We are working closely with our veterinarians and he is continuously being monitored."

If you are able, and love animals of all shapes & sizes, please consider a donation to help with Cocoa's rehabilitation. We can make up for the horrible treatment he has received in his short 8 years of life - let's help give him a second chance!

We SO appreciate all of you that have donated to help Cocoa -

Thank you!!


URGENT: Helping Cocoa - Cruelty Case - UPDATE 10/25/21

Cocoa is a fighter and continues to hold his own & is slowly gaining weight each week. He is on a very regimented feeding schedule to ensure weight gain and not overload his system. This boy has such a strong spirit and such a will to live - he arrived just in time for us to give him a second chance at life. He is slowly putting on weight in the 18 days that he has been at the Ranch. We had to give him a larger blanket this week, as he gained a touch of weight. He wears his horse blanket through the night to help keep him warm with our cooler temperatures.

"We have had so many of you visit, call and send us messages regarding Cocoa and we appreciate all of your good thoughts," commented Director Kathy Hamm. "It keeps us going when we are working with cruelty cases such as this. All of us here at the Ranch want to Thank everyone for the emotional & financial support we have received."

"We have the Colorado Humane Society coming over this week to investigate the cruelty to Cocoa," continued Director Kathy Hamm. "We really are hopeful that things will change on the western slope where animal welfare seems to be very low on the list for the authorities in this area. We are hoping that Cocoa's case could be the catalyst to help improve animal well being & welfare here on the western slope. We really are hopeful that we can prevent the suffering of animals."

It will continue to take a lot of care, love & financial support to get this boy rehabilitated. It will be at least $8000 to get Cocoa up to par with veterinary, farrier, dental and feed expenses. We are asking for your support to help get Mr. Cocoa rehabilitated - your generous donations will help us take care of his expenses. We have to get more weight on him before we can get his dental & farrier work done, as we cannot put a strain on his weakened system until he is healthier.

We can make up for the horrible treatment he has received during his short life - let's help give Cocoa a second chance! No donation it too small - we appreciate any amount you are able to gift Cocoa.

When making your DONATION through Network for Good, please apply your gift to 'Cocoa Needs Our Help!' and your donation will go into his account.



URGENT: Helping Cocoa - Cruelty Case - UPDATE 11/11/21

We continue to be amazed with Cocoa and his recovery. Cocoa is officially dubbed ‘Lucky’ as he has continued to recover & gain weight over the past weeks. Lucky arrived here at the Ranch on Oct 7 and has now been with us for 37 days and on Wednesday, Nov 11, Lucky was healthy enough to have his first dental & farrier work. He was a trooper and did a great job as Dr. Marron and her team from Alpine Animal Hospital in Carbondale assessed and got to work trying to get Lucky’s mouth more comfortable. He has ‘parrot mouth’, an overbite condition as well as teeth so overgrown that they dig into the gums and cause severe inflammation and pain. Lucky was sedated and Dr. Marron was able to file many sharp points off of his overgrown teeth that were protruding into his gums. He will continue to be on antibiotics for the infections in his mouth caused by the overgrown teeth injuring and inflaming his gums.

“Lucky will be taken over to Carbondale after the first of the year for Dr. Marron & her team to do more intense dental work to help alleviate his severe mouth issues,” commented Director Kathy Hamm. “We really could use financial help with his expensive upcoming dental work. Lucky will also be gelded during his stay in Carbondale, his testicles dropped after he started putting on weight and we now know he is a stallion. So we will have that expense as well, with his 2-3 day stay over at Alpine Animal Hospital with Dr. Marron.”

“Lucky really has a strong will to live and has come so far over the past month. He is still on a very regimented diet to help him continue to gain weight and continue his rehabilitation,” continued Kathy Hamm. “We are all so invested in his recovery and some days we all get emotional. Delta County is pursuing the cruelty case for Lucky. Animal welfare & cruelty cases here on the western slope of Colorado are just not a priority, but we are continuing to try and get things changed, even though it is an uphill battle. We truly want to prevent the needless suffering of horses and animals in general.”

Lucky also had his first farrier appointment with Katrina at KT Farrier Services after his dental work. He was such a good boy and Katrina was able to get his overgrown feet trimmed up to help him move more comfortably. “We could also use help with donations for Lucky’s farrier work,” commented Kathy Hamm. “We really appreciate all of you that have made donations to Lucky’s rehabilitation and we have had so much emotional support from everyone. It really keeps us going. We thank you all.”