Colorado Gives 2021

Your contribution to Dream Catcher/End of the Trail through Colorado Gives Day will help sustain our work to increase our ability to provide a safe place for horses and people to find healing. Your donation at any level will make an impact in improving the lives of children, families, veterans, elders, and the horses that make it all possible.

  • $20 will cover the cost of two bales of hay
  • $100 would pay for the cost of one visit with the veterinarian
  • $250 would cover the cost for one family to start therapeutic services when they are uninsured or underinsured
  • $1,000 would sponsor a horse for the year to care for all of its medical and physical needs
  • $1,000 helps feed the horses for six months

Make your gift go further this holiday season and support Dream Catchers/End of Trail today by scheduling your Colorado Gives Day donation now! Every Colorado Gives Day donation made will be boosted by the $1 million incentive fund. Doesn't checking something off your list feel nice?

Thank you for engaging in the change.

With gratitude!
The horses at End of the Trail Rescue and Dream Catchers Therapy Center