Volunteer Appreciation

We hosted a volunteer appreciation on Wednesday, November 1st for all of our volunteers at End of the Trail Rescue and Dream Catcher Therapy Center.  We had almost 20 people show up, including our staff.  We enjoyed visiting with each other and laughing at Zen's joke while eating some delicious BBQ, chips, dip and delicious brownies supplied by Kathy Hamm our Executive Director.  Two of our volunteers were recognized for their outstanding contributions to our organizations.

Tony Taylor - Most Valuable Volunteer in 2017

Maggie Boyd - Most Dependable Volunteer in 2017

Congratulations Tony & Maggie! We truly would not operate as smoothly without the two of you helping us out.  Thank you to all of you who volunteered with either of our organizations in 2017.  We rely on our volunteers to accomplish a lot of the work and with over 50 horse; there is always a lot of work!!