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Gigi – Please Sponsor Me!


    Name:  Gigi
    Birth Date:  1/1/2007
    Breed:  Pony
    Sex:  Mare
    Height:  8
    Color:  Sorrel
    Rideable:  No

    Gigi’s Story

    Gigi is a unique little pony that stands out in the herd due to the large lump on her back. She is a valuable asset to our Mental Health Therapy Programs and is loved by children and adults alike.

    In her previous life, Gigi pulled a cart and worked with mental health clients. She is a star in our programs – having her back problem helps clients understand that whatever their condition may be, everyone can contribute to society in a positive way.

    She likes to ‘back into’ people as a way of asking for butt scratches and will sometimes fall asleep during grooming sessions.


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