Alice – Sponsored by Tom Taylor!



Name: Alice
Birth Date: 3/25/1989
Breed: Missouri Fox Trotter
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.3
Color: Palomino
Rideable: Yes, by a light weight rider


Sponsored by Tom Taylor - Thank You!!!  1/2022


Alice's Story

Alice (Registered name, Cream) is a wonderful little mare. A Missouri Fox Trotter, she is easy to ride and and has a smooth trot, like sitting in a rocking chair.   As of 2016, she has participated in  our Hippotherapy and Therapeutic Riding programs.

Alice spent the first 22 years of her life in the US Forest Service. She has traveled many miles in the mountains and has seen just about everything. Unfortunately, all US Forest Service horses are considered assets of the government and are required to be sent to auction when they retire. Alice was lucky.  A wonderful person who had worked with her in the Forest Service bought her at auction and donated her to our program. We are so thankful to have her!

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