ANNIE – Sponsored by Sherry Kammerer & Louise Marron! Foster or Adopt Me!

  • Name:  Annie

  • Birth Date:

  • Breed:  Quarter Horse

  • Age:  6 years (2022)

  • Color:  Palomino

  • Rideable:  Yes - needs an experienced rider

Thank you Sherry Kammerer (Renewal 9/2022) & Louise Marron (8/2022) for Sponsoring Annie!

Foster or Adopt Annie!!! After significant training, Annie will be available for adoption.

Annie's Story

Annie is a 6 year old Palomino. She is a gorgeous horse and is in training here at End of the Trail. We went and got her when her owner was tragically killed in a car accident near Olathe.  

Annie had no place to go and her former owner's family lives in Texas and they were unable to bring her to their home.  Annie is safe here with us - she really had no place to go. We are working with her and hope to find a home for her in the future. She will need a very experienced owner - as her training will take some time. 

Annie is a healthy, happy young mare and should have a bright future ahead.  Annie needs a lot of training before she will be adopted.


4 Responses

  1. Is she still available and how much?
    • Kathy Hamm
      Hi Esther - Thanks for asking about Annie. Give us a call for more information - (970) 901-0502 Thanks -
  2. I came across your website. We live in Cimarron and want to get involved
    • Kathy Hamm
      Hi Laura - Thank you so much for your interest! We would love to have you come out to the Ranch and see our horses and programs! Please give our Assistant Director, Valentina, a call at (970) 901-0502 to set up an appointment with our Executive Director, Kathy, so we can give you a tour of our facilities. We look forward to meeting you and would love to have you get involved! Thank you - Vanessa Ivy

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