Flash – Sponsored by Sandy Treece Harnois!

Flash after several weeks of good food.



Flash is doing great at the Ranch!!  He has put on weight and loves to go out on pasture with his friends! We are thrilled to see Flash thriving and being a happy and healthy horse!  See current photos of this sweet boy below -  Flash will be a permanent resident here at the Ranch.  He works with our Mental Health programs and is loved by all!!

Without the efforts of Animal Control, Flash would have died without intervention. We were able to remove Flash and Wilder (Don Juan) from a really bad situation, thanks to the tireless work of our Animal Control Officers.

Flash is a white Mini Minature Horse and the owner stated that he was 30 years old and  'looked the way he did because he was old.'  Flash was deemed to be 15 years old after Veterinarian Dr. Judy assessed his condition. Flash had a Body Score of 2, very thin with normal heart, lung and abdominal sounds. Flash has severely overgrown hooves on all four limbs that may result in chronic lameness. It will take time, good feed, good farrier services and veterinary care to get this very sweet little Mini back to good health.

We don't know much about Flash. He is very loving, gentle and rumoured to have been trained to pull a cart earlier in his life. He is very friendly and loves to greet visitors. Even though he was treated horribly before arriving at the Ranch, he loves people and is a star in our Mental Health programs.

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