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Name:  Frosty (aka: Houghs Rocky Bar)
Birth Date:  4/4/1989
Breed:  Quarter Horse
Sex:  Gelding
Height:  15
Color:  Dark Bay
Rideable:  Yes

Frosty's Story

Frosty came to Dream Catcher Therapy Center, Inc. in 2014. Now 30 years old, Frosty is still a favorite for our Hippotherapy Programs. He is good natured and absolutely loves his job! Frosty also works in our Mental Health Therapy Program, but he is a’ kids horse’ through and through and prefers the young ‘Hippo’ clients to anyone else. He often waits by the gate on therapy days until it is his turn and he would take every client for a ride if he could!

We often get asked why a brown horse is named Frosty. Well, Frosty came to us from a ranch in Wyoming. The winters there can get bitter cold and one year our little brown colt got frost bite on the tip of one of his ears! To this day one ear is shorter and more rounded than the other. It makes him very distinct in the herd and gave him his name.

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