MAMA – Sponsored by Stacy Thorndyke!

Thank You Stacy Thorndyke for sponsoring Mama!!!! (1/2022)

Name: Mama

Birth Date:  Unknown

Breed:  Miniature Horse

Age: - Guessing 12 years old (2020)

Color:  Black


Mama is a miniature horse that came to us from Texas crammed in a horse trailer full of barrel racing horses.  Mama was in the trailer with a another mini mare,  her daughter we named Sweet Pea. That is all we really know about the pair for history.

Mama was severely foundered and her feet were a mess.  We have worked to try and help with her feet and try and keep her comfortable. Mama will need a home that can provide special care for her feet.  She works with our Mental Health programs and is loved by all.  Come and meet Mama!! 

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