Pepper Jack – Sponsored by Becky Domingo!


Name:  Pepper Jack
Birth Date:  2011
Breed:  Holy Cross Donkey
Sex:  Gelding
Color:   Gray
Rideable:  Unknown


Thank You Becky Domingo for Sponsoring Pepper Jack! (3/2022; 3/2023)




Pepper Jack's Story

Pepper Jack came to us as a starved and neglected one year old.  After good feed and good care he recovered and is a healthy and happy donkey.  Pepper Jack works with our mental health programs and is loved by everyone he meets.   He is very friendly and loves to socialize with everyone.   He has the softest, biggest ears and the sweetest eyes!  Come out and meet Pepper Jack and fall in love!

Pepper Jack has been adopted out three times and always ends up back at the Ranch - his former homes decided they could no longer take care of him.  He will most likely be a permanent resident unless a perfect home is found for him.  It is hard on our horses to be moved around - we want him to feel safe and secure.



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