Rainbow – Sponsored by Sherry Kammerer! Foster/Adopt Me


She is ready for adoption!


Name:  Rainbow
Birth Date:  2005 
Breed:  Quarter Horse, Paint
Sex:  Mare
Height:  15
Color:  Sorrel and White
Rideable:  No


Thank you Sherry Kammerer for Sponsoring Rainbow!

Sponsored since 2019 by Sherry - Renewed 9/2022


Rainbow's Story

Rainbow was saved off a slaughter feed lot. She is paralyzed on one side of her face due to nerve damage from an old injury. This lucky girl caught the attention of the right people. Although it was thought she had a home, it turned out that she was left at the lot.  Bail and board were raised, but a horse cannot be pulled from this lot on donation except by a 501(c), non profit. So we said yes. We, as a rescue, pulled this horse so she could get out of that horrible place.

We were not prepared to take on another horse. Rainbow was supposed to have a home but we couldn't just leave her there! After frantically making calls and arrangements, Rainbow was picked up by a friend of our Executive Director and taken to her place for some body work and rest. She couldn't stay there for long and so she came to End of the Trail Rescue. In a sea of chaos we were able to get her picked up and brought to us. Rainbow is safe now. She is with us and getting the treatment she needs. She is slowly but surely creeping out of her shell and remarkably, even though humans have caused her considerable trauma and pain, still has love for humans.

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