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Sponsored by Lisa Bell, Thank you!

Name: Star
Birthdate: 1/1/1998
Sex: Gelding
Height: 16.0
Color: Bay Black Points
Rideable: No

Star's Story

Star is an 18 year old Thoroughbred gelding originally from the Dallas Texas area. Star is a new arrival in 2017 and is a gorgeous 17 hand tall, bay, with legs as long as a giraffe. Star had a very successful career in show jumping and later became a lesson horse teaching students how to jump. He was used to jump some really high fences and we have been told he was great, especially with students. The reason he was sold was that Star apparently was having a lot of trouble NOT sweating in the heat of Texas. He was sold to someone who brought him to the Colorado Mountains to be retired and live out his life in a much cooler climate. We were contacted by Star’s new owner, worried that this horse was losing so much weight. Star was happy grazing in the mountain grass with his new friends however he was getting skinnier by the day. Star was donated to us in July of 2017 and since his arrival he has been gaining weight. We allow him to graze daily but he is also fed twice a day both alfalfa and senior grain. Star is very friendly, and a quick learner. He has participated in our Horsemanship classes and our Mental Health program. We are hopeful that he will be a great fit in our riding program or that the right person will come along to adopt him. Star has not had any issues with NOT sweating this summer, in fact he sweats a lot! Star would come up daily from the pasture to take a bath in our water tank. We suspect that Star gets overheated very easily. Anyone who adopts him should be aware of this issue; he will get really hot if he is in the heat, even if he isn’t working out. Although Star could still jump really high fences, at his age he should be retired to much smaller fences. He could still make a lovely lesson horse or a horse for an intermediate rider. He would love to find someone with a barn, he loves to be in a stall!

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  1. Hello, I’m 12 years old, I had 2 horses before, one that was 20 and she was a great riding horse, now, I only have one horse, his name is Duke, he is really lonely and needs a friend to keep him company. I offer many acres of land and a small barn for him to stay. I was wondering if I could adopt him! I just need to know how much?
    • Kathy Hamm
      Hi Madison, I'm going to ask you to look thru our forms that spell out the adoption process which begins with Fostering first. Please see the following site: <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank"></a> . Take a look and we'll go from there. I really hope this works out for you. Thanks.

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