Wilder (Don Juan)! Sponsored by Sandra Treece Harnois!

Thank you Sandra Treece Harnois for Sponsoring Wilder (AKA Don Juan)!



Without the efforts of Animal Control, two horses would have died without intervention. We were able to remove those two horses, one being Wilder (formerly Don Juan)  from a really bad situation, thanks to the tireless work of our Animal Control Officers.

Veterinarian Dr. Lin Judy assessed  Don Juan and found he had a Body Score of 1, was emaciated and found a Holosystolic heart murmur that is most likely due at least in part to malnutrition. Dr. Judy also found his hooves were significantly overgrown but have already been addressed by our staff. He also has Ventral pitting edema that is most likely due in large part to his poor nutrition status. With good care, good feed and lots of love Don Juan should become a healthy horse and be up for adoption once he has recovered. He is a sweetheart and has a very kind spirit. We expect some significant expenses to help him recover which will include veterinarian care, good feed and farrier care.

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