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Name: Wyatt
Birthdate: 4/6/2003
Breed: Quarter Horse
Sex: Gelding
Color: Bay
Rideable: Yes

Wyatt's Story

Wyatt is a 12 year old registered Quarter Horse. He is a gorgeous bay with a very faint strip blaze and a long waive mane. Wyatt was donated to Dream Catcher Therapy Center and End of the Trail Rescue to be used in our Veterans program and mental health program and is one of our permanent residents. Wyatt had a successful career as a reining horse; he’s had lots of training and is very quiet. He has a velvet glider trot and is very loving. He wants to please whoever he is with. His paperwork shows that he was once sold for $49,000. Unfortunately Wyatt had a mysterious issue develop in his right front foot; Navicular disease was suspected, though never confirmed. Wyatt was again sold, this time for around $17,000. His soreness continued and the next place for Wyatt was at our rescue. Today he is sore on and off, corrective shoeing has not seemed to improve or change his condition. We are still trying to figure out what if anything can be done, so that Wyatt could be used in our Hippotherapy or riding programs. Currently Wyatt is one of our horses used in our Mental Health program and he is also a part of our Horsemanship class, teaching kids and adults how to handle and care for horses. Wyatt is best friends with Hope, one of our Mustangs, she is always right behind him.

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