Welcome to End of the Trail Rescue

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization 

We are the Sister Organization of Dream Catcher Therapy Center and our main goal is to rescue horses and provide them a Second Chance.  Many of our Rescue Horses are known as 'Four Legged Therapists' and assist with our Therapy Programs at Dream Catcher Therapy Center.




A dream is coming true. Over two decades in the making. Our long awaited Indoor Arena arrived and we are in awe at the possibilities before us. Like so many, we have faced numerous challenges through the Covid 19 Pandemic. We are so grateful for the generous grants and donations we have received through an unprecedented time.

"This is a dream we have had for so many years and now we have the capacity to provide expanded services for our Equine Mental Therapy Programs, our horse training programs as well as hosting events for the community," commented Kathy Hamm, Excecutive Director for End fo the Trail Rescue & Dream Catcher Therapy Center. "We will be able to provide our services year round in a very comfortable indoor setting for our clients and community. The possibilities for our Indoor Arena are ongoing and we are very much looking forward to serving our communities."

The initial down payment for the Indoor Arena was made possible through a Grant awarded by the Giving Club of Montrose. End of the Trail Board Members, Stacy Thorndyke & Deb Lundin, applied for the Grant and have helped see the dream of an Indoor Arena take shape. "We are so excited that this Indoor Arena will allow our Equine Mental Health programs to continue during inclement weather as well as hold riding lessons, horse training and allow us to hold events all year round," commented Stacy Thorndyke.

Please check out our arena going up with a series of before and after photos -

If you are in a position to help support our endeavor - we would appreciate any help you can provide.

We have some EXCITING news!!! We have been awarded a grant from the Giving Club of Montrose to help us fund our Indoor Therapy Structure!!

THANK YOU GIVING CLUB of MONTROSE!! We are so honored and full of gratitude for this grant! Your support will enable us to continue to move forward with our project - ❤

We are in the process of securing a large, indoor Therapy Structure that will encompass our round pen and a large portion of our arena!! This structure will allow us to continue our Equine Mental Health programs during inclement weather as well as hold riding lessons, horse training and allow us to hold events all year round!

We would invite you to help support our endeavor with a donation to help us keep moving forward - any donation would help us get this facility up and running.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Please Make An Appointment to Visit The Ranch!

We love to have visitors at the Ranch! We are asking all of you to please make an appointment before coming for a visit.

We are so busy all day long and we want to make sure we have time to spend with visitors and give tours of our facilities - so please give our Assistant Director, Valentina, a call at (970) 901-0502 to schedule an appointment.

If you would like to meet our horses, or a specific horse, please schedule an appointment with Valentina - as well as those of you that would like to become volunteers. Give us a call and we will get you scheduled for an appointment -

Thank You!!


A BIG THANK YOU TO Peggy Bausano & Anne Metzsch!!

A sister team from Montrose has been busy making these adorable 'Nutty Nags' for us to distribute to the children in our mental health programs!!

NUTTY NAGS - SOLD OUT!!! We will post when we have more available - Thank You!

ALL Proceeds to DIRECTLY for horse care and our therapy programs here at the Ranch!!!

Peggy Bausano & Anne Metzsch are artisans creating quilts and crafts that they donate to local non-profits that help children and their families. Our children here at the Ranch are receiving their very own 'Nutty Nags' and NOW the sisters are creating more of these adorable plushies for our supporters to HELP us raise funds for our horses & therapy programs!!!

The adorable plushies will make great gifts for children in your lives and for those adults that are young at heart!! Please consider one of these hand made 'Nutty Nags' for yourself and others - we Thank You in advance!!!

You may order your plushie online and have it shipped to your home, or order online and pick up at the Ranch in Olathe OR make an appointment to come out to the Ranch and purchase your 'Nutty Nags' with cash or check - please call for an appointment!!




We have a VERY LIMITED number of Jackets & Hats available for our supporters! First Come, First Serve - You may order your gear online and have it shipped to your address OR come out the the Ranch in Olathe, CO and pick your gear with a check or cash.

Our gear has an End of the Trail Rescue Logo Embroidered on the left pocket side and we have gear available with BOTH End of the Trail Rescue AND Dream Catcher Therapy Center Embroidered on the left pocket side. These are quality jackets and hats. Please see the photos with sizes, styles and prices. These will go quick, so get your order in!

Please watch a new video we have about our facilities!

We so appreciate all our volunteers and their dedication and gift of time to ensure our horses have the best of care!!

We will be 'Spotlighting' our volunteers over the next several months - if you have an interest in volunteering please get in touch.


RIDING LESSONS starting FEB 9th!!!

Olathe, CO at End of the Trail Rescue.

Lessons will be provided by Ms. Jana - you may bring your own horse and equipment OR we will provide one of our rescue horses and equipment for you to use for your lesson here at the Ranch. All ages and all abilities welcome!

Sessions will be on Tues, Wed & Thurs and potentially Sat sessions could be offered. Give us a call at (970) 901-0502 for more information and to get signed up!

You may also send us an email @ khamm@dctc.org

We look forward to seeing you out at the Ranch!!!



Thank You CUHA for our shelters!!

Thanks to Grants & Donations we have been able to expand our arena, move our round pen and even expand several of our pen areas for our horses!  In November we were able to add shelters to our expanded pens thanks to CUHA!!

It is really looking great and we are so grateful for donations and grants that help us maintain a high level of care for all of our rescues - 


We are excited to announce we have received an Emergency Grant through the Colorado Unwanted Horse Alliance to provide HAY to our communities on the western slope!!  We plan to be up and running next week with HAY available at no cost! 

We want to help those horse lovers that have lost their jobs and income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  What has worried us is the hard reality that in times like these we will see an increase in abandoned and unwanted horses as many are facing financial challenges. We do not want people to be put in the horrible position of taking their horses to auction, slaughter lots or abandoning them.

The hay will be provided by local  farmers in the Montrose and Grand Junction areas - this wonderful grant will allow us to help those compassionate horse owners that want to be able to provide hay for their animals and keep them at their current location.

Please give us a call at 970-901-0502 or send us an email at info@eottr.org


This Grant will help so many!!


As these difficult and uncertain times persist with the COVID-19 situation we want to check in with all our supporters and horse lovers. We hope you are holding up with all the major changes in your lives.

For most of us our worlds have been turned upside down with the pandemic and we want you all to know we care about each and every one of you. We have heavy hearts with everything going on in our communities and the world. We are filled with gratitude for the numbers of you that have asked how we are doing and what you can do to help during these difficult times.

We want to assure all of you that we are fine at End of the Trail Rescue! We made sure that we had plenty of hay, grain and veterinary supplies for all our horses as the COVID-19 situation began to escalate weeks ago.

What worries us is the hard reality that in times like these we will see an increase in abandoned and unwanted horses as many are facing financial challenges. We want to be able to provide hay, feed and veterinary services to those in our communities that have lost income and are unable to care for their horses - we do not want people to be put in the horrible position of taking their horses to auction and slaughter lots or abandoning them.

We are putting out a temporary fund raising plea.

Our first goal is to provide support to owners so that they can keep their horses at their current location by providing hay, feed and veterinary care, as needed. Our second goal is to make room to house up to 12 additional horses here at the ranch on a temporary basis. We are committed to making this extra effort because we do not want these horses to end up at the sale barn, starved, or heading to slaughter.

If you are in a position to help - please consider a donation today, tomorrow or next week.

We Thank You in advance.

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End of the Trail offers horses a second chance to be cared for, nurtured and valued.  We provide shelter, quality food and humane treatment to horses that have been abused, neglected or unwanted. We also educate the community about animal abuse and how or where to report these situations.


Accomplishing our goals requires diverse activities such as:

  • Public education and outreach

  • Horse sanctuary and protection

  • Medical care and rehabilitation

  • Equine therapy programs

  • Pairing horses with humans to foster healing and good mental health

We are in the process of expanding our services and capabilities to meet the growing needs in our area.  We want to ensure that we provide for horses and human needs for the foreseeable future and with your help, we can build an amazing legacy for horses and people in need.


How You Can Help

Report Abuse

If you suspect abuse or neglect is taking place, contact us. We will contact law enforcement officials and investigate the situation.

Make A Donation

Your tax-deductible contribution helps care for and rehabilitate horses in need.

Sponsor a Horse

You can also sponsor a horse and see how your donations are making a difference in one animal’s life.

Foster or Adopt A Horse

We have horses that are looking for caringindividuals to either foster or adopt them. Offer a horse a second chance at life!

Visit our Center

We would love to show you around the ranch. Call today and arrange a visit!

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