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Ready to help?

Please understand that our horses are very important to all of us here at the Ranch.  Our horses have been unwanted, abused and neglected and have a safe home here with us.  We have a stringent process for adoption and fostering our horses.  Please understand that just because you want a horse does not necessarily mean you will get that horse.  This is a process that we take very seriously to ensure a safe and good home for our horses -We are the advocate for the best home possible. We thank you for your interest and for following the process for the sake of the horse.

Please contact us with any questions about our forms.


Sponsoring one of our unwanted, neglected or abused horses is a great way for you to help our horses here at End of the Trail Rescue. Perhaps you are not in a position to commit to owning your own horse, but love horses. We are here to offer you that loving interaction with one of our very worthy Rescues.
When you sponsor one of our horses you are helping purchase feed, hay, farrier services and yearly vaccines for your chosen horse. We ask for a tax deductible gift of $1000 a year, or $85 a month for Sponsorship.
Each of the horses that live in our care have their own stories that led them to live at our Rescue. We encourage you to take the time and read up on our horses at our website and choose your very own Rescue Horse to support at the Ranch. There are many horses to fall in love with!

temporary care

Foster a horse

All horses must be Fostered prior to Adoption. Our foster application form helps us match you will a horse.  Before the horse(s) leaves our facility a contract will also need to filled out and signed as an agreement on how the horse is to be cared for.

a permanent home

Adopt a horse

With a lot of training, care and attention through End of Trail Horse Rescue, these horses are now ready for adoption. All horses must be fostered before adoption. If you are not ready to adopt, Fostering is a great alternative to creating a pathway to a forever home for these horses.


How does it work?

The adoption process

The steps below outline how our adoption process works. For a fully detailed description and map, please click here.


Some of our Successful Adoptions

we can help you

Surrender a horse

At End of the Trail Rescue, we understand that circumstances can change, and caring for a horse can become overwhelming or unfeasible. If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer provide the necessary care and attention for your beloved equine companion, we encourage you to consider surrendering them to our facility. We provide a safe and compassionate haven for horses in need, ensuring they receive proper medical care, nourishment, and a chance for a brighter future. By entrusting your horse to End of the Trail Rescue, you not only give them a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life but also contribute to our mission of promoting equine welfare and finding forever homes for these majestic creatures. 


thank you to our sponsors