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Felix – Sponsored By Pam Strohmeier!



    Thank you Pam Stromeier for Sponsoring Felix!  (3/1/23)

    Name: Felix
    Birth Date: 8/2008
    Breed: Miniature Horse
    Sex: Gelding

    Color: Brown and White Paint
    Rideable: No


    Felix’s Story

    Felix is a miniature paint gelding with flaxen mane and tail. We love this little guy – he is so curious, so sweet and friendly. He loves to hang out with his Mini buddies on pasture everyday and they can be seen running and playing – they always make us smile.

    Because he is so adorable almost everyone stops by his pen for a visit. He travels with us to events and will stay with us for the rest of his life. Felix came to us from the CSU research center and works with our Mental Health Programs.


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