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Name: Bailey
Birthdate: 1/1/1994
Sex: Mare
Color: Bay
Rideable: Yes

Bailey's Story

Bailey came to End of the Trail Rescue, Inc. in September 2016. She is a thoroughbred mare around 9 years old. We know that she came from a rescue somewhere in Texas. She made it to Colorado, but the folks that adopted her either lost her or left her. She had been caught in a fence and cut her back leg badly and was very malnourished. The people who found her brought her here. They had tried to doctor her leg and get weight on her but were unable to. They knew she needed help fast. Now she’s been with us just about a year and has been getting the proper care but she needs. She is very gentle and very polite on the ground. Her leg has healed up nicely, we are just trying to get the scar to diminish a little. She is ready to start some training very soon!

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