Monte – Sponsored by Katie Diamond!


Name:  Monte
Birth Date:  4/16/2000
Breed:  Mustang
Sex:  Gelding
Height:  14,5
Color:  Sorrel, Flaxen Mane and Tail
Rideable:  No




Monte's Story

Monte is a very intelligent Mustang. He was once described as confident and level-headed. Unfortunately, due to some aggressive training, Monte lost this confidence. Once recognized, Monte was placed under a training method more suited to his quiet and intent nature. He has made tremendous progress towards the goal of a happy, confident Mustang. He is currently in training and accepts weight on his back.  He carries himself quietly and honorably and he is very easy to be around. His dignity, demeanor and good looks make him one of the nicest horses at the rescue.  He is a wonderful therapy horse and gets attached to the young people.  Monte needs a gentle and patient person to give him a forever home.

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