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JR – Has Been Adopted!

    Sponsored By: Carolina Garcia-Zigal

    Bay~Gelding~ DOB 2013 ~Arrived June 2013

    JR was one of three six month old studs saved for the Delta Sale barn. Each horse cost $5.00 and all were in deplorable condition- malnourished and full of worms. Since arriving at End of the Trail JR and his buddies have grown into wonderful young horses. JR is the tallest of the three and has an almost arab looking face. He is well built with long legs and a strong back.

    Of the three JR is a calmest and quickest learner. He picks up on new tasks very quickly and loves a challenge. He is a sweet heart and loves to be pet and groomed. JR is a well rounded three year old with 90 days professional training from Harmony Equine Center. This handsome boy will excel at whatever is put in front of him.

    Photo on the left is JR’s condition when we got him and the photo on the right is what he looks like today.  He’s a beautiful horse!