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Arlo – Please Sponsor Me! Foster/Adopt Me!


    Name: Arlo
    Birth Date: 2003
    Breed: Gaited Gelding
    Sex: Gelding
    Height: 15.1
    Color: Red Roan
    Rideable: Yes



    Arlo’s Story

    End of the Trail Horse Rescue offers homes to abused, abandoned and neglected horses of all ages. We give rescue horses a second chance.

    Arlo is a sweet Gaited Gelding that stands about 15.1 hands tall.  He is a very safe horse for beginners and is fully trained.  Arlo would be great for trail riding, just not in a mountainous setting due to his age of 19.  In his past life he did mountainous trail riding and was used as a pack horse.  Arlo is a very gentle, sweet and curious horse. 

    Arlo has ‘Cushings’ and will need to be on meds for the rest of his life.  He is not able to have rich pasture, which could cause him to Founder and become a real problem. 

    Arlo came to us through Drifter’s Heart of Hope, a 501(c) 3 Non Profit that rehomes horses from working dude ranches – this takes the sales auction out of the equation for many of these working ranch horses.  Many of these horses are older and could not continue as working dude ranch horses.  These horses are still amazing and are great for pleasure riding and companion buddies. 

    We are now working with Drifter’s Heart of Hope to rehome these working ranch horses and Arlo is our first horse from Drifter’s.


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