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Barrett!! Sanctuary Horse.

We have several horses that are in Sanctuary here – they will live out their lives here at the Ranch with proper care, feed and love.

Barrett is around 26 years old and his owners wanted to find a safe and caring Sanctuary for Barrett to spend his remaining years. In his former life he was thrown away twice until he was rescued by the family that brought him to End of the Trail Rescue. He was trained in cart, been in parades, visited nursing homes and loves kids and dogs.

His previous family made a Barrett a member of their family to help their daughter with health issues. Their daughter has since passed and they decided they wanted to find a great retirement Sanctuary for this charming boy. He will continue to provide service with our mental health programs and he is just as sweet as can be. We are so proud to have  little Barrett here at the Ranch.


2 thoughts on “Barrett!! Sanctuary Horse.”

  1. I think l would love a little pony like this, l have 3 teenage girls – that would love it also- they have just started riding off and on with there friends- please feel free to give me a call at 276-730-7189 thank you – Robert Asher and family

    1. Hi Robert – Thank you for your interest in Barrett – he is a great horse!! He is in sanctuary here at the Ranch, which means his previous owners made arrangements for him to live his life out with us here at the Ranch, so he is not available for adoption. We do have two other very nice ponies, Sugar & Cinnamon that are looking for homes! Please see their info on our website – give us a call at (970) 901-0502 to discuss further. Thank You!

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