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Buddy – 2022


Name:  Buddy

Birth Date:  Not sure – around 30 yrs old (2022)
Breed:  Quarter Horse
Sex:  Gelding
Color:  Palamino
Rideable:  No


Buddy’s Story

Buddy came to live with us when his owner passed away. A family member contacted us to see if we would provide a home for him. Buddy is around 30 years old and we wanted to help him with a loving and safe home. He is a sweetheart and loves to be around people! He is very curious and will come right over to visit. Buddy also works with some of our Equine Therapy Programs and is a very gentle boy.

He has lordosis (sway back) but otherwise is sound.  Buddy was ridden by children and has good manners. He is also blind in his left eye. He has settled in nicely here at the Ranch.  



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