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Checkers – Please Sponsor Me!


    Name:  Checkers

    Birth Date:  12/3/2008

    Sex:  Gelding

    Color:  Sorrel & White

    Rideable:  No


    Checkers’s Story

    End of the Trail Horse Rescue offers homes to abused, abandoned and neglected horses of all ages. We give rescue horses a second chance.

    Checkers is a clown of a horse. He is always sticking his nose into something, usually someone’s pocket. Of all the minis, Checkers is one of the friendliest. He loves to be a part of Mental Health Therapy sessions and enjoys playing with the kids. Because of his well-mannered disposition, Checkers and his almost twin, Felix, are the chosen ‘Spokes Ponies’! They go to events and parades to help spread awareness of what we do.

    Checkers, as well has his pony pals, came from the CSU research department where they were research ponies. They are now beloved members of our therapy center and will live out their lives here helping kids.



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