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Cheyenne – 2022

    Name:  Cheyenne
    Birth Date:  8/1/1985
    Breed:  Quarter Horse
    Sex:  Mare
    Height:  14.1
    Color:  Sorrel
    Rideable:  No

    Cheyenne’s Story

    Cheyenne is our oldest horse in residence at End of the Trail Rescue, Inc. She is 36 yrs old, but still in remarkable condition. Unfortunately, Cheyenne has gone 100% blind in both eyes. This amazing horse learned to cope with her new handicap in a remarkable way by living with her buddy Digger, who sadly passed away several years ago. He would act as her seeing-eye horse and they enjoyed going out to the pasture daily. She mourned his passing and eventually found a new friend in Flicka. These two roomed together & had daily pasture time, and sadly we lost Flicka this year. Cheyenne suffered another loss with Flicka’s passing.

    Although not being able to see makes her somewhat anxious, she has learned to recognize the voices of volunteers & staff who talk to her frequently and help her feel safe. Who says “old horses can’t learn new tricks”.



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