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Home » News » Digger – Gone, But Not Forgotten – 1/1/1987 – 2/2/2020

Digger – Gone, But Not Forgotten – 1/1/1987 – 2/2/2020

    Sponsored By Sandra & Larry Harnois for many years.


    Name:  Digger
    Birth Date:  1/1/1987
    Breed:  Quarter Horse
    Sex:  Gelding
    Height:  15
    Color:  Chestnut
    Rideable:  No

    Digger’s Story

    Unlike so many of our horses, Digger’s story is not a story of sorrow or hurt but instead, one of great love and care. His previous owner loved him dearly and to this day comes to visit and check up on him. We are so thankful to her for bringing this wonderful gentleman to our program. He is a small horse making him perfect for the Hippotherapy program. Digger is mellow and often stands at his stall door waiting for treats. He does wonderfully in our Mental Health Program as he gets along with just about every horse and person he meets. He is aging but has maintained a straight back and strong build, even at 32 years of age!

    Digger stalls with Cheyenne, our oldest horse, and the two of them can be seen out on an empty pasture together as we do not turn Cheyenne out with the herd. Because she is blind, Digger has become her ‘seeing-eye horse’ and best buddy. Sometimes the two of them are let loose to graze on the yard next to the arena or beside the house and when they are finished they let themselves back into their stall. It’s pretty cool!


    Sweet Digger.
    Digger with is buddy Cheyenne.