Cheyenne – Sponsored By Paula Crane

Sponsored by Paula Crane, Thank you!

Name: Cheyenne
Birthdate: 8/1/1985
Sex: Mare
Height: 14.1
Color: Sorrel
Rideable: No

Cheyenne's Story

Cheyenne is our oldest horse in residence at End of the Trail Rescue Inc. She is old but still in remarkable condition. Unfortunately Cheyenne has gone 100% blind in both eyes this last year. This amazing horse is learning to cope with her new handicap in a remarkable way. She has a best friend, Digger who acts as her seeing eye horse. Together they enjoy going out to pasture daily and whey they are finished they show themselves back to their stalls. Cheyenne has made remarkable strides in the last few months. Who says "old horses can't learn new tricks."

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