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Flicka – 2021



    Thank you Debra Lundin for Sponsoring Flicka!!!

    Name:  Flicka
    Birth Date:  3/26/1991
    Breed:  Pony
    Sex:  Mare
    Height:  12.2
    Color:  Sorrel
    Rideable:  No

    Flicka’s Story

    Flicka is an adorable little pony with a love of food. She is always a little round and that has led to problems in the past with foundering. We work very hard to keep her sound and off the pastures when they are too rich for her health. Flicka is a member of our Hippotherapy team and is a great height for clients and side walkers! Everyone loves her because of her easy going nature and hug-able face. Flicka’s life was saved by Dr. Shull when he cut her flexor tendons several years ago.


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