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Hope – Please Sponsor Me!


    Name:  Hope
    Birth Date: 1/1/2003
    Breed:  Mustang
    Sex:  Mare
    Height:  14
    Color:  Bay
    Rideable: Not yet

    Hope’s Story

    End of the Trail Horse Rescue offers homes to abused, abandoned and neglected horses of all ages. We give rescue horses a second chance.

    Hope arrived at our facility with an older mare that was thought to be her mother. Both were pregnant and had been on their way to slaughter before a kind hearted individual saved them and brought them to us to be rehabilitated and trained.

    We have had Hope’s freeze brand read and the number for her is 03604835. This means she was foaled in 2003 and her Signalment Key is HF1ADAABB (right hind pastern, star, bay). Hope was gathered from the Pine Nut Mountain herd management area in Nevada on 9/17/09. She was adopted from Palomino Valley 9/28/09 and titled in 11/17/11.

    She gave birth to a foal that was strong and healthy and named Charity . She quickly grew into a wonderful spitfire of a mare. Unlike her baby, Hope still struggles to accept people. When the trainer who had been working with her left the organization she reverted back to her instinctual fear of people.

    As Charity was weaned, we began Hope’s training again in earnest and she continues to learn that humans will not harm her.  As she builds trust and confidence, she will continue her ground training and we hope she will eventually learn how to be ridden.

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