THUNDER – Sponsored by Stacy Thorndyke!

NAME:  Thunder

BIRTH DATE:  Unknown

BREED: Miniature Horse

AGE:  9 yrs old

COLOR:  Paint


Thank You STACY THORNDYKE for sponsoring Thunder!!!  (8/2021) Renewed 9/2022



Thunder arrived to the Ranch from Louisiana when a very kind woman purchased him when she saw him being used as a riding horse for children at a birthday party. Thunder was struggling to give rides to the children due to a really bad breathing problem (and his small size) so the kind lady purchased him in hopes of getting him some help.

After the birthday party company agreed to sell Thunder to the lady, she got him veterinarian care and was told that the humidity of Louisiana did not agree with him and he needed a dry climate to thrive.

She called us to ask for help for sweet Thunder. We were able to arrange for him to come live here at the Ranch. Thanks to kind and compassionate people, we are able to rescue and give many horses a better life!!

Thunder works with our Mental Health programs and is a favorite by all! He is adorable, inquisitive, friendly and really loves to be around children and people of all ages. His small size and curious nature naturally draws clients & visitors to spend time with him.

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