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Josephine – Sponsored by Tina Woodrum!!


    Name:  Josephine
    Birth Date:  1992
    Breed:  Mule
    Sex:  Molly
    Height: 13
    Color: Brown
    Rideable: Yes

    Thank you Tina Woodrum for sponsoring Josephine!! (1/2021;2022) Renewal 1/2023

    Josephine’s Story

    End of the Trail Horse Rescue offers homes to abused, abandoned and neglected horses of all ages. We give rescue horses a second chance.

    Josephine is a mild tempered little angel, always happy to be with people and get groomed. She is great with children and is very docile for riding and work on the ground.

    Her trot is very smooth and she can be bareback ridden with a halter.  She has also been helping with our Equine Therapy Programs and is loved by all.  She loves to be with her best friend Misty, another therapy horse.  The two of them room together, play together on pasture and do many therapy sessions together with clients.

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