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LUCKY – Sponsored by Elaine Probasco!

    Name: Lucky

    Birth Date: 2014

    Breed: Arabian /Gelding

    Color: Dark Bay

    Rideable :  Not yet

    Thank you Elaine Probasco for sponsoring Lucky!  (12/2022; 12/23)


    Lucky’s Story

    End of the Trail Horse Rescue offers homes to abused, abandoned and neglected horses of all ages. We give rescue horses a second chance.

    Lucky came to us as a severe cruelty case in the fall of 2021- he would not have made it much longer without intervention.  One of our staff members spotted this starved, emaciated & neglected horse and quickly alerted our director.  He had received no care and his hooves were severely overgrown as well.  His name was Cocoa, but we named him Lucky, in the hopes that his luck has changed by coming to the Ranch.

    He is was 8 years old when he arrived and was in need of major dental work – his teeth were so over grown with abscesses.  he needed a lot of care in the way of farrier work, dental work & quality feed.  We put him on a very regimented feeding schedule to help him recover, small portions of feed every four hours. Our veterinarian is continued assessment and we will get this sweet boy rehabilitated with time, care & love.

    Lucky is doing great now – he has put on so much weight and looks like the happy, healthy horse he is.  He will be adoptable to the right home in the future.  He has a sweet personality and has come so far since arriving here at the Ranch.

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