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Lucky Rescue – Cruelty Case

    Lucky/Cocoa Arrived At the Ranch 10/7/21 in horrible shape. Scroll down to see all of our updates -

    URGENT: Helping Lucky - He arrived at our Rescue 10/7/21 - Cruelty Case.

    One of our staff members spotted this starved, emaciated & neglected horse and quickly alerted our director. As you can see, he has received no care and his hooves are severely overgrown as well. His name is Cocoa, but we plan to name him Lucky, in the hopes that his luck has changed by coming to the Ranch. He is 8 years old and is in need of major dental work (his teeth are so over grown with abscesses) and he will need a lot of care in the way of farrier work, dental work & quality feed. It will take at least $8000 to help him recover and be rehabilitated. We are putting him on a very regimented feeding schedule to help him recover, small portions of feed every four hours. Our veterinarian is continuing assessment and we hope we can get this sweet boy rehabilitated with time, care & love.

    “We see so many horrific situations for horses in need. These horses are at the mercy of the humans that are suppose to provide humane care to their horses. Cocoa was located on a traveled road, and we are wondering why no one contacted us or the authorities about this cruelty case. Luckily one of our staff members happened to be taking this particular road yesterday, saw Cocoa and immediately let me know. We were then able to secure his surrender from the owner & get him to our Rescue to see what we can do to give him a second chance,” commented Kathy Hamm, Director of End of the Trail Rescue. “We are here to help owners provide feed & care to their horses if they are unable to take care of them. We just need owners to reach out to us for help so we can prevent the suffering of so many horses. Cocoa is now safe with us and will get the best of care to help him recover and have a happy horse life. If anyone can help us with funding for his rehabilitation we would be so grateful.”


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