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Mary – Sponsored by Robert & Kathy Clapper!

Name:  Mary
Birth Date:  1/1/2006
Breed:  Quarter Horse
Sex:  Mare
Height:  15.2
Color:  Bay
Rideable:  Yes

Thank you Robert and Kathy Clapper for Sponsoring Mary!!! (8/2021;5/2022) Renewed 6/2023


Mary’s Story

End of the Trail Horse Rescue offers homes to abused, abandoned and neglected horses of all ages. We give rescue horses a second chance.

In February of 2007, Mary came to Dream Catcher Therapy Center as a one year old and starving. When she arrived, she had a large laceration on the bulb of her foot which has since healed. Mary was sick and had several abscesses before she was healed from her malnutrition.

Despite not being handled prior to coming here and being anti-social, Mary has learned to love people. She does not know she is a horse and prefers the company of people.  She has a small divot in her neck where a tumor was removed several years ago.  She is thriving and everyone loves Mary!  She works with our Mental Health Programs and is a sweetheart!

2 thoughts on “Mary – Sponsored by Robert & Kathy Clapper!”

    1. Hi Janae – Thanks for your interest in Mary. She is a great horse and has been in several different adoption homes and we have her back with us. It would take a really special home for us to try adopting her out again. Feel free to give us a call at (970) 901-0502 to discuss Mary. Thank You!

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