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Memo – Sponsored by Cynthia Donnelly! Foster/Adopt Me!


Name:  Memo
Birth Date:  2006
Breed:  Quarter Horse
Sex:  Gelding
Height:  15
Color:  Bay
Rideable:  Yes

Foster or Adopt Me!

Thank you Cynthia Donnelly for sponsoring Memo!!!  (6/2020;6/2021-6/2022)Renewal 6/2023

Memo’s Story

End of the Trail Horse Rescue offers homes to abused, abandoned and neglected horses of all ages. We give rescue horses a second chance.

Memo came to us off of a race track in New Mexico. When we agreed to take in an off-track thoroughbred, Sparkle, the woman that introduced us to Sparkle also bought a gelding from the same owner for her husband to ride. When she went to pick the gelding up it was clear that something was wrong. The gelding’s front legs had big lumps on them and one of his eyes was obviously injured. She decided that when she delivered Sparkle, she would also bring Memo to us.

We had his front legs X-rayed and discovered that the lumps were bone growth caused by some sort of trauma. Luckily, his joints are not damaged and he moves out sound. We will never know what happened to his legs but he is sound for riding.

He also had an orbital fracture, meaning the bone above his eye was crushed and it looks sunken in. He is also blind in that eye (as far as we can tell), but has adjusted to it.

Memo’s entire body is covered in small bumps and scars. The veterinarian removed one of the bumps and discovered it was a pellet from a shot gun! He underwent Natural Therapy to help with the elimination of them. He is moves well and has good energy.

As traumatic as his previous life was, this horse is still kind and trusting toward humans. He is a delight to handle, be around and fun to ride.  An amazing horse that loves people. 

2 thoughts on “Memo – Sponsored by Cynthia Donnelly! Foster/Adopt Me!”

    1. Good morning Jackie – Thank you for your interest in Memo! He is a wonderful horse! To learn more about adopting/fostering Memo please go to and see our requirements/forms to start the process. Please do not hesitate to give us a call @ 970-901-0502 if we can answer any questions. Thank you so much!

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