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Rowen – 2020


    Name:  Rowen
    Birth Date:  8/8/2008
    Breed:  Miniature
    Sex:  Gelding
    Color:  Chestnut/Gray with Flaxen Mane and Tail
    Rideable:  No

    Rowen’s Story

    Rowen is a uniquely colored little guy with a shy disposition. He is a trouble maker and loves to get all the other miniatures riled up. Rowen came to us, along with his pony friends, from the CSU research department. He excels in our Mental Health Program and is loved by clients and volunteers, alike. Because of his shyness, Rowen is great at teaching kids about patience, self-care, and frustration tolerance. He is a joy to handle and loves to be groomed. Rowen, along with Felix and Checkers, is a permanent Therapy Pony and will spend the rest of his life helping people and being loved by many children.


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