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Wilder (Don Juan) – 2021

    Thank you Sandra Treece Harnois for Sponsoring Wilder (AKA Don Juan)!


    **UPDATE –  1/2/21 – Wilder is THRIVING at the Ranch – after being with us since August he has gained significant weight and is loving ‘being a horse’ out on pasture with his friends.  He has developed a major crush on Blair and follows her wherever she goes.  We love seeing him blossom into a happy & healthy boy!!  See new photos of this handsome boy down below – 

    Without the efforts of Animal Control, two horses would have died without intervention. We were able to remove those two horses, one being Wilder (formerly Don Juan)  from a really bad situation, thanks to the tireless work of our Animal Control Officers.

    Veterinarian Dr. Lin Judy assessed  Don Juan and found he had a Body Score of 1, was emaciated and found a Holosystolic heart murmur that is most likely due at least in part to malnutrition. Dr. Judy also found his hooves were significantly overgrown but have already been addressed by our staff. He also has Ventral pitting edema that is most likely due in large part to his poor nutrition status. With good care, good feed and lots of love Don Juan should become a healthy horse and be up for adoption once he has recovered. He is a sweetheart and has a very kind spirit. We expect some significant expenses to help him recover which will include veterinarian care, good feed and farrier care.

    We will update again in the future – 

    We are so very grateful for ALL of your generous donations for Don Juan & Flash!! We have had donations through Facebook, PayPal, and our website. We have even had large donations of hay from a kind farmer, Troy Spencer, from Hotchkiss, along with phone calls, messages and your kind words on our Facebook page. We cannot thank you enough!! As heart wrenching as this rescue has been, your generosity and kind words have lifted our spirits.

    Don Juan & Flash are settling in and getting lots of good hay with interval feedings. We have a long way to go with their rehabilitation and we are dedicated to helping these horses have a good life.

    Investigations are ongoing with the owner of the horses. The State Veterinarian and Montrose County Animal Control are gathering evidence. At this time we are unable to give more information until they have finished their work. Rest assured we want the owner prosecuted for the cruel treatment of these horses. Don Juan has also been sponsored by a very kind volunteer and will be visiting him regularly.

    The sponsorships of Flash & Don Juan are wonderful news and will help us with some of the expenses it will take to rehabilitate these two. Please continue to support us when you have the means – we will need extra funds for additional veterinary expenses as well as farrier work.

    We can’t thank you all enough for all of your generous donations and emotional support!! ❤️❤️

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