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WISHBONE – Please Sponsor me!



    Name:  WISHBONE

    Birth Date:

    Breed:  Quarter Horse

Sex: Gelding


    Color:  Paint

    Rideable:  No


    Wishbone lived here with us many years ago and was adopted out with his buddy Buck.  Both of them lived with their adopter until this past month.  They were surrendered back to us as the lady that had them for many years was moving and could not keep them anymore. 

    These two amazing geldings are the sweetest horses you could ever meet.  They are bonded with one another and will not be separated. 

    They would be great companion animals for someone that does not ride, but wants a loving interaction with horses.

    wishbone is 29 yrs old and had arthritis, but otherwise is in good shape.  He moves slowly and loves to be with his buddy Buck.

    We will have more information on Wishbone in the weeks to come –

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